The ELIMINATOR Mist Collector provides consistent high collection efficiency, requires very little maintenance and will help you maintain a healthy work environment and increased productivity.

Our products take full advantage of Turbulent Flow Precipitation (TFP), the most significant advancement in mist and dust collection technology. The units are compact, economical to operate, and offer real value.

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  • High Efficiency
  • Low Maintenance
  • TFP® Technology
  • Self-cleaning collectors
  • Works with oil or water based coolants
  • Optional 3rd stage filters for fumes and smoke
  • Collects from ambient air or source capture
  • Reduces need for expensive make-up air
  • Customer specified operating voltage
  • 500-CFM to 10,000-CFM

Performance Highlights

  • 98% collection efficiency @ 1 micron with primary collector
  • 99% + collection efficiency with optional 3rd stage filters
  • Removal of solid particles and coolant mist
  • Oil or water based coolants
  • Clean air return to the plant
  • Powder painted for durability
  • Easy startup and operation
  • Very low maintenance


  • 3RD stage DOP, HEPA filter
  • 7′ pedestal stand where floor space is limited
  • Free duct design service